IN2IT Lavish Satin Lipstick


IN2IT Lavish Satin Lipstick


“From Lukso
‘Luxuriously smooth and weightless, Lavish Satin Lipstick delivers intense pigmentation and flawless coverage in one swipe. The innovative Flexi-Gel Touch Texture prevents bleeding, cracking, or fading. Infused with encapsulated Hyaluronic acid and ceramides, it deeply hydrates for irresistibly smooth and soft lips. Enriched with sakura, centella extracts, and vitamin E to strenthen the lip barrier, and white strawberry, extracts to protect against dark and dull lips.

‘Satin texture lipstick is soft, smooth, light touch and comfortable on the lips. Perfection in a single swipe delivers intense pigment and provides maximum coverage to every lip molecule. With Flexi-Gel Touch Texture that combines gel and emollient ingredients helps create a clear, soft and flexible layer. It allows pigments to unfold and blend seamlessly with the surface of the lips like the skin of the second lips to support the movement of the lips without making the pigment bleed, crack or fall during the day. Plus, the pigment is long lasting, easy to pay-off and smooth glide-on. A full-pigment formula and Triple Grinding Technology gives smoothing and seal as one with the lips, resulting in bright and true color without change or drop while applying. Formulated with Encapsulated Sodium HYA & Ceramides that hydrate lips truly smooth and soft. Natural extract provides anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties to restore dull lips to look naturally radiant and healthy. This vegan formula is free from Paraben, Mineral Oil, Microplastics-Bead, Alcohol, Fragrance and Cruelty free”

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